Dunedin Men’s Group

The Dunedin Men’s Group has been meeting regularly for nearly 20 years. For over 18 years it was co-facilitated by Bill Riley and other facilitators. Currently it is co-facilitated by Kovido Maddick and Paul Knox, a psychologist who was a member of the group for 7 years.

It is a supportive place where men are able to relax and be themselves. It provides an opportunity for men to be real and authentic about their experiences and feelings in a safe environment.

They are encouraged, in a gentle way, to explore difficult feelings or experiences and to try out new ways of being which they can then use in their work, social or domestic situations.

A typical meeting starts with some mindfulness practice to allow us to slow down and contact what is happening in our lives. There is then a short check–in where this can be shared with the group. After this someone may choose to work on an issue with the facilitators or the group as a whole.

We use methods drawn principally from Hakomi, Gestalt and Psychodrama to deepen and understand the dynamics. At the end there is usually a sharing where members of the group say how the individuals work touched them.
Afterwards there is a supper for those who want to stay and chat.