Monday Meditations

To bring peace and compassion to ourselves, our community and the world.

When: 7-8.30 p.m every Monday

Where: Alexander Macmillan Room, Dunedin Community House, 283-301 Moray Place, Dunedin


  • Doors close at 7: (Please arrive early)
  • Start meditation at 7.05 for 20-30 mins
  • Questions or comments regarding meditation
  • Reading, audio, video 20minutes
  • Get cuppa and biscuit
  • Discuss how reading/audio/video applies to our practice and life from our own experience
  • Finish at 8.30

Mindfulness Training in Dunedin Starting February 2017

When: Runs every Thursday from February 16  – April 13 from 7:30 – 9:30pm

Where: Alexander Macmillan Room, Dunedin Community House, 283-301 Moray Place, Dunedin

Feeling stressed out, anxious, depressed or just fed up with a noisy mind?

If so, learn how to feel more relaxed and cope with the stress of work, study and other life events with greater calm and wisdom, by being aware of how we react to stress and even unnecessarily increase it sometimes. In this course you will learn:

  • The relationship between your thoughts, emotions and physiological stress responses
  • Techniques for noticing and shifting your reactions to stress
  • Techniques for calming your thoughts and emotions, including several forms of meditation, stretches, and guided imagery.
  • How to put this all together in daily practices that increase your well being and ability to cope well with stress

This course is suitable for people new to mindfulness but also a great opportunity for people who have done an Introduction to Mindfulness to really lay down a foundation in a relaxed atmosphere.

People who have benefited from this programme include health professionals, social workers, teachers, students, lecturers, parents, business people and people recovering from major illnesses or operations


“I believe that the training has given me an awareness of skills that will benefit me and my family and community by gaining an acceptance of myself and others”

—Nick Woolicroft

“There is a wonderful simplicity about the practice of mindfulness that took me by surprise. To come and learn something that you cant do wrong is wonderfully freeing. Making a small space in my life to practice regularly has helped me be more present and less stressed in my busy life.”

—Dr Susie Lawless

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Mindfulness Movement Creativity: Coming Home to Yourself at Daku Resort, Fiji

Yoga in Fiji

When: 2-8 July 2017

Where: Daku Resort, Lesiaceva Road, Savusavu, Northern Division, Fiji


Get away from the Winter in NZ and enjoy a mindful and creative retreat in beautiful Daku resort!

During this retreat, we will be with reconnecting with ourselves through a mixture of movement, meditation and creativity, accepting the totality of who we are.

Retreat Highlights

Style: Mindfulness Movement Creativity
Programme: Twice daily workshops with optional early morning and evening extras
Suitability: All levels
Excursions and extras: Beach picnic, hiking behind Daku resort, traditional village visit, visit to a waterfall, tapa making demo.
Food: Mixed menu
Itinerary: Arrive Savusavu July 2; depart Savusavu July 8.
Food: Three meals a day
Cost: from NZ$1700 (Aus$1590) for early bird for early bird by Friday 24th March; NZ$ 1850 (Aus$1730) budget

For a detailed schedule and travel plan, please click here.

Daku Resort

Our workshop activities cover:

  • Sitting, eating and walking meditations
  • Stretching and breathing to ground in the present moment
  • Flowing from stillness to gentle movement coming from within you, to allow a joyful creative dance that is uniquely your own
  • Allowing your movement to flow into creative form on to paper through a shared group experience and in your own individual space.
  • At times we may be in silence at other times talking and sharing.

No previous experience of mindfulness or creative arts is necessary.


“For me the combination of Mindfulness, Movement and Creativity was anxiously irresistible. I needn’t have worried. The workshop offered a balance of experiences designed to engage the senses, mind, body and spirit. Mindful walking triggered my own creative muse, and the flexibility of approach allowed me to pursue my own direction when it arose. As leaders, Kovido and Suraya complimented each other in approach. All round, the weekend was an experience of discovery and personal insight.”
– Jenny, Dunedin

“I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend of mindfulness, movement and creativity with Kovido and Suraya. They provided an environment of freedom and acceptance to take a break from the busy-ness of life and look within at what really matters. Thanks to a great team that helped me gently explore my thoughts through music, art and meditation, the benefits linger with me still.”
– Miranda Barnes, Gore

“It was a great weekend, a chance to go within and to express what is within with colour and dance. Thank you very much for that experience!”
– Nicole, Dunedin

Daku Kayaking

Price Details

Prices start from NZ $1700 (AUS $1590) for early bird tickets and NZ $ 1850 (AUS $ 1730) for normal tickets. This price includes:

  • 6 nights accommodation at Daku Resort in traditional bures with private facilities.
  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
  • Workshop fees.
  • Lectures and excursions as indicated.
  • Airport transfers from Savusavu Airport to Daku Resort by road (approx 10 minutes).

For a detailed breakdown of the prices, please click here.

Travel Details

Travel from Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland on Saturday 1st July stay overnight Raffles Hotel, Nandi, flights to Savusavu and airport transfers to Daku resort and return Saturday 8th July Savusvu to Nandi, stay overnight Raffles Hotel and return to NZ for c.$1650 per person. It is possible to fly and return from Auckland to Savusavu in one day.

Either of these options can be easily arranged by contacting Vincent George on 021 321 890 or

Peaceful meditation

To read more about the event and Daku resort, please click here.

Organiser Details

Kovido Maddick

You can read more about Kovido here.

Suraya Langston

Suraya Langston is a registered arts therapist who has worked in the field of creative arts therapies for 25 years with adults, children and families in London and Dunedin. She loves to support others to enhance the creative energy within them to manifest their unique self-expression in the world. Suraya draws her skills from the use of gentle movement, deep relaxation, visualisation and mindfulness meditation, expressive dance and the divine energy, and trusting our bodies to lead us into our own unique dance. She supports this energy to transmute into a creative flow with visual art materials to manifest images that affirm and support our dreams, wishes and life direction. Suraya has a Masters of Arts Therapy which focused on the power of sharing in a group to support us in our creative and healing journey to becoming who we truly are. She works in Dunedin in private practice running groups, workshops and individual sessions.